Off Trail Adventure encourages people to get back to nature by joining in the different nature based events such as trekking, high altitude trekking, rock climbing, rapelling, river crossing, cycling, river rafting, etc. We are nature lovers, having passion for the environment and believe in promoting and practising non polluting adventure events. The purpose of this website is to bring people closer to trees, birds, bees, butterflies, reptiles, snails, leeches, flowers, forts, streams, waterfalls, peaks, mountains, valleys and most importantly the beautiful hinterland of the interior villages of India, especially Goa.

Off Trail Adventure organises adventure events on a regular basis at every weekend mostly on Sundays. Keep in touch with our activities on our blog that is updated regularly at Our Sunday Trekking activities are regularly featured under “Events” Section in Goa Times, of 'TheTimes of India' newspaper. Also find our weekend events in the english news paper, 'The Navhind Times' in “Advance Booking” Section and in 'Herald' newspaper in the section, titled, “What's on in Goa?”

For Schools & Colleges

“Know your Surroundings by exploring with us and discovering new vistas of nature.” We help the administrators of educational institutions to organise “Educational Camps & Tours”. In these special events children get exposure to leadership skills, physical fitness exercises, enhancement of knowledge of nature, interaction with animals, etc. All our activities result in tremendous development of positive attitude and confidence building measures. At Off Trail Adventure, we also cultivate Nature & Environmental awareness among school & college students and help them to develop survival skills and live in harmony with the Nature. In our camps we have bird watching, butterfly spotting, On Nature Trails and introduction to the local flora & fauna of that particular area.


For Companies & Corporates

Companies need their staff to interact with their colleagues on a non heirachal basis in a soothing, clean and natural environment. To know each other on a more personal and friendly level. To achieve this, one has to have healthy interaction, intersperced with adventure based activities. Thats where, 'Off Trail Adventure' has professional motivational activities and team building games for the corporate sector. The benefits of outdoor adventure activities are developing leadership skills, increasing memory retention, team building exercises and increasing motivational attitudes.


Get in touch with Off Trail Adventure and we will get your adventure activities, On Trail.